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into a 24-hour wal-mart parking lot. when it was over a wal-mart worker was found shot. >> the suspect demanded money from the business. that employee complied. >> reporter: the robber best the store with cash but he wasn't done. >> the suspect walked or forced the victim out to the parking lot area, the second portion of this incident where he shot for unknown reasons and left the area. >> this is terrible. >> reporter: nine minutes later and a few blocks away on hammerstone road police found a car burning. investigators believe whoever stole the car is the robber. people who shop there many teams have trouble believing this would happen. >> this is a family store. you wouldn't think something like that who happen. it's getting crazy everywhere. >> reporter: the employee was taken to the hospital.
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he is expected to survive. in laurel, don harrison, abc2 news. >> anyone with information is asked to call 410-222-3432. a carroll county teenager has died after a two car crash in finksburg. a car driven by 18-year-old nicolas gaetani crossed the center lane into the incoming car and it killed 17-year-old michael mcverry, a soon your at westminster high school. >> did someone hit the house or an exmotion happening downstares in the base -- down stairs in the bisment. >> nick is in serious condition.
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levi malcolm has been released. now baltimore county police arrested a man for a robbery but now they believe he's responsible for at least two sexual assaults. police said 19-year-old jordan ?ied are has been charged. detectives say he rob ladno car0
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the driver could still lose her job. she's been suspended without pay as the mta reviews the case
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internally. >> a chill in the air. look at the temperatures now dropping. 3345 in towson. 36 in wrest minister. 3 in rock hall. under a generally clear sky. falling temperatures overnight, below freezing by daybreak tomorrow. satellite radar perspective. we're in a clear patch but a little bet of mid-level, high level cloud cover coming in. no precipitation but it will keep temperatures up. the rest of the evening we're in the 40s. by daybreak tomorrow temperatures will be very cold. frost by 6 a.m. we'll talks about the changes on the way by friday. maryland's most accurate forecast coming up. >> now pan update to the breaking news we brought you on good morning maryland. a reisterstown woman is at the bay view burn center.
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fire officials said they were called to the home on blake court early this morning and found the home with flames pouring out of both floors. >> the firefighters, considering the second floor was 100% involved. they found her in one of the bedrooms upstairs. the roof structure collapsed on the second floor. >> about 65 firefighters were called to the home and managed to get the fire under chrome. tonight the cause of that fire is still under investigation. kelly, we had firefighters called out to the salvation army thrift store on east joppa road. nobody was hurt but dozens of firefighters were called to the scene. >> when firefighters arrived, there was very limited visibility. >> fire officials know this started in the back of the store but the cause is still under investigation at this hour. all new at 6:00, now that question 7 has voter approval,
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the cordish company is wasting no time. the company said they're planning to hire 1200 more people because of the addition of table games. that would bring the staff up to almost 3,000. >> we made a commitment to hire thousands of marylanders and thousands who live nearby and we're fulfilling it. made a commitment to go to a world class facility and we've made a commitment to have the best possible amenities. >> cordish says he plans to have table games made available early next spring. the company is also offering a free 12-week program for current employees who want to learn how to be dealers. baltimore native congresswoman nancy pelosi is throwing her hat back into the ring to maintain her role pass house minority leader. she has also become a household
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name through her leadership role. the 72-year-old made the announcement today beforeler caucus. >> i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader [ applause ] >> they will have to weight until leadership elections after thanksgiving. toyota is recalling 2.7 million vehicles because of a water pump issue. the automaker said no accidents have been reported yet but this is the second recall in the past month. priuses and corollas are included in the recall. we all have mornings where we wake up and don't feel well and know we need a six day but
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800,000 people in our state can't even earn paid sick days. the working matters campaign advocates paid sick leaves is not only the right thing to do but impacts public health. >> fairness for their worker but also these larger societal questions. >> as a restaurant tour, i don't want sick people serving me or my customers. >> the coalition's work could be on the docket in the next session in annapolis. continuing coverage tonight on an issue that affects a lot of our families but it's also hard to understand -- bullying. researchers looked at the national research and looked appointment all the information parties provided about their
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children. nearly 64,000 of them. what they found is 15% of children were already considered bullies by their parents. they were also -- there were striking similarities between the children in the group. >> a lot of these kids have mental health issues like depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd. so these are kids who are already struggling with their own stuff and they're acting out and bullying other children. >> kids diagnosed with mental health disorders are three times more likely to bully others. bullying is an issue we hear about nearly every week. we have put together a comprehensive section on our website. you can find it at to bullies. we have eferl from local
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antibullying events, including myths and the signs that a child is being bullied. >> coming up, it is one of the most popular families who live apart to communicate. what every skype user needs to hear about the company's recent security problems and what they're doing about it. >> what are the three germiest places on an airplane? is that one? we'll find out. don't for get the iphone app for abc2 weather. you can get the temperature. 36 in columbia.
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went and got your haircut. look at parkville as the sun sets and it's gone, great day to be in parkville. wyatt will be right back. >> in tonight's consumer alert, it is an easy way for families far apart to stay in touch. now you're at a security risk. hackers found a hole in the security for their video talk service that lay los total strangers the ability to change a user's skype word. skype temporarily shut down all password requests but it's back up and rung today. they're getting in touch with users whose accounts may have been hacked to help them out. >> this one will make your skin
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crawl. in preparation for your thanksgiving travel rush a my cree biology professor has come up with the top three list of germiest spots on an airplane. >> toilet. >> tray tables and the latches where you put your luggage, the overhead bins. they're never disinfected. also, we're working for you at abc2. we came up with our own list. first, bring hand sanitizer. pack light so you don't have to use the overhead bins and use the bathroom before you get on the plane because the ones in the term minimal are usually cleaner. >> those are good tips. you get your newspaper by subscription but how about food?
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wal-mart is ran -- launching a food service. for $7 ament you'll get a box of five to seven products not on the shelves. >> now that you have your food and newspaper, et cetera, you can add nail polish. it's the netflix of nail polish. you pay a flat rate of $18 a month. that gives you access to the treen diest luxury brand polishes. >> there may be an easy way for heart patients to reduce their risk of heart attacks or strokes. it's called transsen dental meditation. you repeat a wrord over and over and over -- hit me.
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thank you. people in one study medicated for 20 minutes and were less likely to have a hark or stroafnlgt advocates say meditation help else the body repair and maintain itself. >> yoga for the brain. >> that brings us to one of our stories for the night. meteorologist wyatt everhart. he went to a school to teach some lucky students a lesson in weather. >> we talked a lot about superstorm sandy. of course the kids are very curious about that in columbia. mr. tobias' fifth grade class. it will put the fear in you. they're smart. >> we pulled some of that up. i said, hey, the perfect storm in 91 is one of the closest things. by the way, when were you born,
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2000, 2001. that was 10 yores before you -- years before you were born. anyway, it was a crystal clear chilly day. it will be a cold night in pittsburgh, my friend. >> bring it on. >> 40 degrees. steelers week in progress, an early look at it. looks like weather will be a nonfactor at this point. we're still five days out, so keep it tuned for your pittsburgh game night forecast. 42 at bwi. the dew point is at 27. air is very dry and the temperature could drop quite a bit and could and up in the upper 20s by daybreak tomorrow. so the november chill is definitely here. as we look at weather it was blue sky on tap but also a day with that chilly are in the breeze at towson west elementary. take a look at manchester valley
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high school. the chilly football practice and ellicott city, our lady of per pet chewal health. the corsetling in over maryland. our wind chill down to the 30s statewide. as we go into the daybreak hours we'll be below freezing north and northeast of washington. we look for temperatures to drop sharply. now we'll be back in the 40s tomorrow, upper 40s. these numbers may be low and back below freezing tomorrow night. we could find 20s toward harford county. quiet weather, clear but a few clouds. these are not rain makers. the reverse of that tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover.
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that could hold temperatures down. we struggle to get to 50 once again. this cold air core will float further north but still be chilly. as we go into friday it will slide further out. air temperatures will moderate back into the 50s. we'll watch the coastal s all projections bringing it out to sea. it could mean breezy weather. clear. dress warm for that morning commute. make sure the kids are warm. 48, sunny crisp conditions. as we look to friday an improvement. mild weather through early sunday. sunday night into monday a disturbance likely to bring some showers. as we clear out we're going to mid-50s. back to you. >> a little over a week away. not everyone can afford to put the food on the table. the church in towson is really trying to help out. they're collecting baskets of
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food for the needy. churches gave to sandy, which we know is another worthy cause. right now the council is about 500 baskets short. the baskets will be handed out to baltimore county residents. >> you can help give back by voting for the baltimore animal rest you can and care shelter in the rachael ray e -- event. the deadline is midnight. click a link and vote. >> this is one of the busiest times of the year for many of us moms, so maybe some yoga. that's one of the stories you can catch on the lips tonight at 7. >> we show you how to loosen up
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in charm city. plus some hauntings readings even edgar allen pow would be -- poe would be proud of. here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard about a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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before we gop, here's what we're working on at 11.
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>> when you have company over you pay a heavy price for wine. we'll tell you why this java sells for $90 a pound. >> plus, love this story. getting paid to go place you already go. does that sounds too good to be true. abc2 is working for you. using your smartphone to earn extra cash. that's a good gig. >> that coffee better keep you up for three days. you'll need a cup of tea or coffee. colder tonight. 32 with a frost by 6:00 in the morning. heading out the door, dress warm. st. it stay -- it stays fairly crisp. >> i like it better than unsettled. >> i like this word bye.
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see you at 11.
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